A Google nagy bejelentése(i): Google Home Hub, Pixel Slate, Pixel 3, ...

2018-10-10 07:55, hup.hu - Informatika

The new Pixel 3, Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub. All the big #madebygoogle news, right here for you. pic.twitter.com/CNUHIyRhtM Google (@Google) October 9, 2018 Egyebek: Pixel Stand: More than just a wireless charger, the Pixel Stand transforms your Pixel 3, giving you a more visual, helpful experience powered by the Google Assistant. #madebygoogle pic.twitter.com/lTxayL608i Google (@Google) October 9, 2018 Google Home Hub: What do you want to know about the new Google Home Hub? We’re answering your questions right here in the comments. #madebygoogle pic.twitter.com/ltH6wKtqRX Made by Google (@madebygoogle) October 9, 2018 Top Shot: Capture smiles, not blinks. With Top Shot, Pixel 3’s camera is smart enough to know a good photo when it sees it. #madebygoogle pic.twitter.com/WeVI1yojDZ Google (@Google) October 9, 2018 Group Selfie Cam: So long, selfie sticks. There’s more in the shot with Pixel 3 and Group Selfie—more friends, more details, more scenery. You get the picture. #madebygoogle pic.twitter.com/8FGBjIStsv Google (@Google) October 9, 2018 Beépített Google Lens: Do more with what you see! Weve built Google Lens right into the Pixel 3 camera so you can scan and translate text, find similar styles of clothing, or identify popular plants and animals. #madebygoogle pic.twitter.com/yRnsKyoPYv Google (@Google) October 9, 2018 AI-vel támogatott Screen Call: With the Google Assistant baked into Pixel 3, our new AI-powered Call Screen feature goes even further to help people in the U.S. screen calls and avoid spam calls. #madebygoogle pic.twitter.com/l1Oe2vyA93 Google (@Google) October 9, 2018 Az egész esemény egyben: It’s here! It’s live! And it’s happening now. #madebygoogle https://t.co/T6tMAAFcNA Google (@Google) October 9, 2018

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