[Folyamatosan frissítve] Minden, amit a processzorbugokkal kapcsolatban tudni érdemes

2018-01-04 07:43, hup.hu - Informatika

Google Ismét a Google biztonsági csapata jeleskedett, elérhető az igazi technikai leírás All that speculation was fun, now we have a real technical blog post: https://t.co/zYMrKUG7QG. Jann Horn (@tehjh) just won the pwnie for 2018, imho! Alex Ionescu (@aionescu) January 3, 2018 #onhup Google: napjaink CPU sebezhetőségei: amit tudnod érdmes Information on the CPU vulnerability / KAISR / KPTI issues is now live: https://t.co/89kCXHxSEJ. Amazing job, Google! Alex Ionescu (@aionescu) January 3, 2018 #onhup Red Hat Red Hat tájékoztatás a problémákkal kapcsolatban Important information on the Kernel Side-Channel Attacks #Meltdown and #Spectre. #infosec #cybersecurity #redhat https://t.co/EyljhbkRp4 Red Hat, Inc. (@RedHatNews) January 3, 2018 #onhup Microsoft A Microsoft biztonsági útmutatót adott ki az ügyben Microsoft releases guidance for #meltdown and #spectre here: https://t.co/0no4I8ib43 Phillip Misner (@phillip_misner) January 4, 2018 Microsoft Edge és Internet Explorer böngészők Mitigating speculative execution side-channel attacks in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer https://t.co/qNtSmAOxI6 Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) January 4, 2018 #onhup Teszteszköz a Microsofttól You can use this powershell tool to query the status of Windows mitigations for CVE-2017-5715 (branch target injection) and CVE-2017-5754 (rogue data cache load), more information here (Server: https://t.co/9MaLQqVq61, Client: https://t.co/P6vmSamsOn) pic.twitter.com/K0LmM3PYFP Matt Miller (@epakskape) January 4, 2018 #onhup Teszteszköz Alex Ionescu-tól: Just released the first beta of SpecuCheck -- x64-only for now. https://t.co/ghrsl2AMAC It is a Windows-specific tool to detect the correct installation of the Windows patches for the CPU vulnerabilities and your hardwares capabilities as seen by Windows. Please give it a try! pic.twitter.com/5Xm5C5hCCG Alex Ionescu (@aionescu) January 4, 2018 #onhup FreeBSD és forkjai/variánsai A FreeBSD projekt (is) tud a problémáról és dolgozik a megoldáson All we currently know about #Spectre and #Meltdown is FreeBSD is aware and working on the problems. https://t.co/xqWkMjFBqD OPNsense (@opnsense) January 3, 2018 Our preliminary assessment of #Meltdown and #Spectre vulnerabilities suggests that most pfSense use cases without untrusted local users or a multi-tenant context should not be concerned. Once the FreeBSD project issues a patched release, we will release new versions of pfSense. pfSense® Project (@pfsense) January 4, 2018 #onhup Mozilla #Firefox #Meltdown and #Spectre mitigations have landedhttps://t.co/oGTN2sqI9y pic.twitter.com/iDlg0eO2c1 Michal Purzynski (@MichalPurzynski) January 4, 2018 #onhup Egyéb / Általános #Spectre probléma: Spectre [PDF] https://t.co/DqOIYpsBgf Ryan Naraine (@ryanaraine) January 4, 2018 #onhup #Meltdown probléma: Meltdown [PDF] https://t.co/nZR0bLjbH4 Ryan Naraine (@ryanaraine) January 4, 2018 #onhup Official AMD response shows that they _are_ susceptible to at least some of these variants, so again, Intels response was *not* dishonest, just cleverly crafted. This is a design-level issue affecting many, many chip vendors. https://t.co/ttExkp01Lw Alex Ionescu (@aionescu) January 3, 2018 Demók Using #Meltdown to steal passwords in real time #intelbug #kaiser #kpti /cc @mlqxyz @lavados @StefanMangard @yuvalyarom https://t.co/gX4CxfL1Ax pic.twitter.com/JbEvQSQraP Michael Schwarz (@misc0110) January 4, 2018#onhup Hello #Firefox, this is #Meltdown.And these are your passwords.Figures from the #Meltdown paper - see https://t.co/RPiT6M8Xv2 and https://t.co/wtyTUEBLJq/cc @misc0110 @mlqxyz @yuvalyarom @stefanmangard #kpti #kaiser #intelbug pic.twitter.com/XhxVmGlEwV Daniel Gruss (@lavados) January 4, 2018 #onhup Kapcsolódó cikkek Xen hypervisor admins – please patch. The Intel, AMD and Arm CPU bugs affect you. Guests can read arbitrary host RAM https://t.co/Gijwi7dPFi pic.twitter.com/LHdJRrhXI5 The Register (@TheRegister) January 4, 2018 #onhup “Meltdown” and “Spectre”: every modern processor has unfixable security flaws https://t.co/sRZCcZMr0j by @drpizza Ars Technica (@arstechnica) January 4, 2018

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